Power Tools
Discovery School --- Make your own crosswords, word searches, and more.
ABC Teach --- School printables and interactives, many of them free.
WebQuest --- If you don't know about WebQuest, start right here.
TeachNet --- Classroom management, projects, and seasonal activities.
Rubric Creator --- Communicate student assignments clearly and concisely.
School Express --- Creative crafts, worksheets, ideas, quizzes, and more.
Teachers' Web --- Free online resources for the Information Age.
SchoolNotes --- Create your own site on the World Wide Web.
ThinkPort --- Made by Maryland Public Television and Johns Hopkins.
The Study Place --- Students will improve their study skills quickly and easily.
321 Free Tools --- 18 categories of educational efficiency.
Digital Downloads --- Blast your program into the 21st century.
Pinterest --- Perfect for teachers -- also visit here and here.
FREE Resources for Teachers, Parents, and Students!