Social Studies
Native Americans --- Increase your knowledge of our indigenous peoples.
African Americans --- A rich source of biography, history, and folklore.
Asian Americans --- The Smithsonian celebrates Asian heritage.
Hispanic Americans --- Increase your understanding of Latino culture.
Arab Americans --- Knowledge leads to understanding.
50 States --- This is a handy resource of United States information.
States Practice --- Learn U.S. geography by playing this colorful game.
CIA World Factbook --- Here's what our spies know about other countries.
The 20th Century --- Look back at the last century, great and not-so-great.
Women's History --- Learn the accomplishments of women worldwide.
American Memory --- The Library of Congress hosts this online exhibition.
Social Studies for Kids --- A current events newsletter with historical insights.
Interactive Maps --- Printable maps and puzzles of U.S. and the world.
Constitution for Kids --- Teaching young Americans rights and responsibilities.
Presidential Powers --- Clearly explains what the president can and can't do.

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