Reference --- Type in a word to see its definition and pronunciation.
Collins Thesaurus --- Type in a word to see words with the same meaning.
Merriam-Webster --- More than a dictionary, it's a site for word lovers.
Farmer's Almanac --- The popular book comes to life, for kids.
Google Earth --- Explore the globe or zoom in on your home town.
BrainyQuote --- If you need a quote for a paper, check these out.
How Stuff Works --- Learn about everything from toilets to computers.
Libraryspot --- Every reference tool you need at your fingertips.
Eduplace --- Search here for activity ideas that kids will love.
Infoplease --- A world of information, well organized and searchable.
Refdesk --- Whatever you want to learn, it's a perfect starting point.
Britannica --- The granddaddy of encyclopedias for the 21st century. --- A good, basic encyclopedia with interesting articles.
Kid Info --- You'll enjoy browsing the wide variety of topics here.
Wikipedia --- An encyclopedia by volunteers, continuously updated.
Webopedia --- Computer terms and explanations of technology.

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